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Okay, look. We’ve been doing this for over 150 combined years, so we have a pretty good idea of what you want. A rock-solid home. Big, bright living space. Tons of included features. Lots of upgrade options. All for great value. No problem.

Welcome to Wilson Parker Homes where value is just the beginning.

Phoenix Atlanta Augusta Columbia

Who is Wilson Parker?

No need to call us asking to speak to Mr. Wilson or Mr. Parker. They don’t exist. But, the little fella, here does. He’s our mascot and a reminder to us that our jobs go beyond simply building value-packed homes. We’re in business to be a best friend to every home buyer and every Realtor. Having Wilson Parker around keeps us focused on our mission of crafting high-quality, affordable homes that are beyond comparison. And, besides that, Wilson is energetic, fun to be around and always willing to please. Just like us.