Rediscover Value

You see, we’re not new to the residential home building game. History tells us that the typical home buyer is now more educated than ever. Even still, to this day, builders preach the same message, the same incentive and the same non-glaring value proposition.

Our proposition is simple. Introducing unprecedented home buyer value that cuts through the clutter and creates a salient benefit for you, the educated prospect; the reason for our business fundamentals. Rediscover value with Wilson Parker Homes.

Home Financing is Simple


We’ve hand-picked a select few preferred lenders who have a ‘glaring’ amount of uniqueness that sets themselves apart from the rest. Having such a close relationship with our preferred group gives us the opportunity for a smooth, seamless transaction – no headache involved. This relationship also gives us the ability to provide special, unique monthly financing promotions. You’ll have to contact a Wilson Parker Sales Associate for that, though, as promotions change regularly.



More Product For Less


Buyers are smarter. Smarter means understanding the market and product offering on a real-time level. We figured, “Why compete with the market standard. Let’s go above and beyond and create a new industry norm.” So – you’ll notice a few things when you walk through a Wilson Parker home.  We have several series to choose from, at several different affordable price points. Each series, however, boasts a plethora of standard features not found as typically ‘standard’ with other builders, and huge amounts of living space. Pair that with an also ‘industry-unique’ open floor plan concept in each of our homes – now we’re talking.





Design Center + Design Flexibilitycabinets2

With a purchase of every new Wilson Parker home we  add a free Design Center consultation. This means visiting our nice, large selection of interior and exterior options that you, yourself, will pick out to make your home uniquely yours. That’s right. A home built for just you. And, if design isn’t your thing, don’t worry. We’ve got a full-time design specialist at each of our Design Centers to walk you down the path of custom selections. From granite countertops, cabinets, carpet, to hardwoods, even exterior siding – the Wilson Parker Design Center has it all.

Finally (we may need a water break), enter Wilson Parker Homes Design Flexibility whereby owners can choose design options to create living areas that are unique to each family.

Choose a living room in lieu of an open area. Maybe an extra bedroom in lieu of a loft. Or, how about an air conditioned, indoor dog house with running water? Probably not, but the choices are vast, so you get the idea. fp