About Us

Tell you the truth, we aren’t fans of all the ‘About Us’ pages out there in Web land.  Developers and builders say the same thing, us included: “We build great homes, we have years of experience, we have your price range…”  Anyway, it seems to us that what you really want to know ‘about us’, is what kind of people you’re dealing with.
So, here goes.

We’re nice folks.  Fair, honest and hard-working.  Just like you.  We appreciate quality and value.  Just like you.  We’re serious about our work, but not so much about ourselves.  That makes us fun to work with.  We have families and put them first, just like you.  We always strive to do the right thing in every circumstance.  We’re not perfect, but we’re sure working toward that, everyday.   Most of all, we want you to be happy with your Wilson Parker home, so everyone of us are here to serve you in a manner that exceeds your expectations.